Follow up on the Magic: The Gathering Suit #gaming #mtg @wizards_mtg

Based on the opinion of at least one a labor law attorney, WotC will be deemed an employer. I don’t believe this is good for the community, but the law is the law.

Note: I don’t understand the analysis of that attorney. I still see a huge distinction between the cases, but as I don’t work in employment law, I don’t appreciate all the subtleties that may apply. It does leave me scratching my head that I feel this is a slam-dunk for WotC, yet this attorney believes it’s a slam-dunk for the judges.

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Breaking: Wizards Under Fire for Providing Enjoyment to Many #Gaming #MTG @wizards_magic

Wizards of the Coast was just sued by several Magic: the Gathering judges. The complaint can be found here: I’ve read the complaint, but I just found out about this, and I’ve spoken with no one about this. That being said….

This is crazy. Probably not enough to get sanctions against the plaintiffs, but crazy. They allege and employer-employer relationship, but I don’t see a logical basis for that claim, which would mean that the entire suit falls apart. (Note: They don’t need to prove that basis at this point. I’m simply stating that, in my mind, there’s no factual basis for that claim.) I don’t play Magic, but I’ve organized RP games for the DC area for over a decade, even running a convention for a couple of years. During the 3rd edition, Living Greyhawk days, I took two tests to earn some sort of certification as a judge. Nevertheless, we all know that this is volunteer work. We’re “working” for the community, not the company, and I know of no instance when WotC has ever claimed that judges were anything other than volunteers.
Most important to me is, if Shaw, et al. win, without exaggeration, I predict that it’s the end of organized play of any sort. If everyone who judges a game day for Magic, Dungeons & Dragons, or any other organized play event would need to be paid, reimbursed for expenses, etc., then these events have negative value to the companies that sanction them. There’s simply no reason even to allow them, let alone provide support for them.
In the long run, who does that help (other than the attorneys for the plaintiff)?
Please, if someone has a different view, let me know. If your argument is, “It’s really hard work,” then you’re missing my point. I’m one of the last people that needs to be lectured on how much work this sort of thing is. I’ve done it for a decade, suffering massive burnout from time to time, but it doesn’t justify me being paid.

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And….. DONE! #5e #DnD One-Stop Stat Blocks #rpg cc: @slyflourish @koboldpress @monkeyking

I’ve finally finished my one-stop stat blocks for 5e D&D. It was quite a chore, but those who’ve used it make it clear that it was worth the effort. Remember, if you want Kobold Press’s upcoming project, Tome of Beasts, to use this format, pummel them (@KoboldPress) and Wolfgang Baur (@monkeyking) with tweets. Maybe they’ll listen. 🙂

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Yet Another Update to My #5e #DnD One-Stop Stat Blocks #rpg

I’ve made some more progress on my one-stop stat blocks for 5e D&D. I’ve gotten all the way to the slaadi, and perhaps my most tiring statblock is up next: the androsphinx. After that, I have the gynosphinx, the unicorn, all three yuan-ti, and all four yugoloths. Mike Shea, a.k.a. Sly Flourish, reminded me that my work still won’t be done after that. I still have a few NPCs in the back of the monster manual that could use some work: the archmage, the cult fanatic, the druid, the mage, and the priest.


By the way, I sent a tweet to Wolfgang Baur (@monkeyking) requesting that he use my format for his upcoming project, Tome of Beasts. If you like my work, you might want to inundate him with similar requests. Only spellcasters need my format, so it wouldn’t be much of a burden on them to add this format to those few creatures that needed it.

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Another Update to My #5e #DnD One-Stop Stat Blocks #rpg

Yep, another update, and that lich stat block is unbelievable. When you have those spells at your fingertips, the lich can be run in its full glory, and it’s a true solo creature. It was also draining to convert, so please help me out and check it (and the lizardfolk that follows) for errors.

Here’s the link: Bestiary for 5th Edition DnD A-L

However, I’ve included some notes over at the original post that might be of interest to you, so you should probably link from there if you haven’t read them.

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Game of Thrones Outrage #GOT

Game of Thrones went too far last night. I can handle rape, murder, disembowelment, decapitation, immolation, etc., but good gravy, leave the children out of it. Allow them their childhood. Until they’ve grown up and made their own choices in life, don’t subject them to this cruel world.

That being said, am I angry at the actors? The screenwriters? The author? No, I’m angry at the characters, because this isn’t real. It’s a TV show.

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