Finally, Kessel Junkie gets the nerd rage going on his blog. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that he’s gotten more comments on this post than any of his prior posts. It’s a ridiculous argument, of course — most topics of nerd rage are — but it’s worth reading … despite being dead wrong. LLAP!

kessel korner

Oh, Interwebs. How you give me such joy.

Star Trek fans (note: I am one) recently lost their minds when articles from respected publications like Wiredran articles that posited a new change in Warp Drive theory that said:

NASA scientists now think that the famous warp drive concept is a realistic possibility, and that in the far future humans could regularly travel faster than the speed of light.

And they overlooked something very important. They were so obsessed with pointing out the Star Trek connection they missed another.

People on The Tweeter declared their reborn love of life and science, and Star Trek fans just about blew out their underpants with joy. They saw it has validation that dressing like a Klingon was not, in fact, silly. (See Fig. 1a)

But even I will admit to a certain thrill at knowing we no longer needed to generate…

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